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Lake Placid: Legacy

Lake Placid: Legacy

May 28, 2018 90 Min.
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Lake Placid: Legacy is a 2018 American made-for-television horror film directed by Darrell Roodt and stars Katherine Barrell, Tim Rozon, Sai Bennett and Joe Pantoliano.

A group of activists consisting of Jade, her younger sister Alice, Jade’s boyfriend Sam, hacker Billy, and their friend Spencer, are challenged by Jade’s ex-boyfriend Dane over a video to travel to an island in the middle of Black Lake, Maine that harbors an old research facility. The group travels to the island on boat with rangers Pennie, and Travis, and begin exploring. They soon find the dead body of Dane’s friend Gomez in a tree, as well as Dane’s camera, which depicts him being attacked by something. In the video, he talks of a man named Henderson who supposedly abandoned him. The group attempts to leave, although something causes the boat to drift onto the lake with Travis on it, and Pennie is dragged into the water by a rope. When Travis attempts to save her, he’s eaten by the creature, leaving Sam to save her, and the group is left stranded on the island.

The remaining survivors find, and enter the facility, and are forced to climb down into another section of the facility using a rope. When the creature, revealed to be a 50-foot crocodile, arrives, Jade, Sam, and Alice become separated from Billy, Spencer, and Pennie in the facility. As Jade, Sam, and Alice explore the facility, Billy goes down to a dock to reach an electrical outlet in order to make a phone call to the police. However, he quickly loses the signal, and Spencer is pulled into the water, and killed by the crocodile. Pennie forces Billy to reach the others while she stays behind to fight the crocodile. The crocodile follows Pennie into a tunnel where it quickly kills her.

Original titleLake Placid: Legacy
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