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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Evil Must Be Confronted. Jun 28, 2007 GB. US. 138 Min.
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a 2007 fantasy film directed by David Yates and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.It is based on J. K. Rowling’s 2003 novel of the same name. The fifth instalment in the Harry Potter film series, it was written by Michael Goldenberg (making this the only film in the series not to be scripted by Steve Kloves) and produced by David Heyman and David Barron. The story follows Harry Potter’s fifth year at Hogwarts as the Ministry of Magic is in denial of Lord Voldemort’s return.

During another summer with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, Harry Potter is expelled from Hogwarts after using magic to save himself and Dudley Dursley from Dementors. The decision is later reversed at a hearing of the Ministry of Magic. Harry is whisked off by a group of wizards including Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin, and several new faces, including Nymphadora Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt, to Number 12, Grimmauld Place, the home of his godfather, Sirius Black. The building also serves as the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, a secret organisation founded by Albus Dumbledore which informs Harry that the Ministry is oblivious to Lord Voldemort’s return. At the Order’s headquarters, Sirius mentions that Voldemort is after a special object he did not have during his previous attack.

Back at Hogwarts for his fifth year, Harry learns that Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge has appointed a new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor: Dolores Umbridge. Umbridge immediately clashes with Harry, and punishes him for his “lies” by forcing him to write a message with a magic quill, scarring his hand. Despite the concern of his best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, Harry refuses to report Umbridge’s punishment to Dumbledore, who has mysteriously distanced himself from Harry since the summer. As Umbridge’s control over the school increases, Harry, Hermione, and Ron form a secret group to train students in defensive spells, calling themselves “Dumbledore’s Army”. Umbridge tasks the Slytherin students with exposing the group. Meanwhile, Harry and Cho Chang develop romantic feelings for each other.

Harry has a vision involving an attack upon Arthur Weasley, from the point of view of Arthur’s attacker. Concerned that Voldemort will exploit this connection to Harry, Dumbledore instructs Severus Snape to give Harry Occlumency lessons to defend his mind from Voldemort’s influence. However, it does not work, but Harry accidentally uses the charm against him, and Snape angrily dismisses him because of this. The connection causes Harry to further isolate himself from his friends. Meanwhile, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius’ deranged Death Eater cousin, escapes from Azkaban along with nine other Death Eaters. At Hogwarts, Umbridge and her “Inquisitorial Squad” expose Dumbledore’s Army by forcing Cho to drink Veritaserum. Dumbledore escapes as Fudge orders his arrest. Umbridge becomes the new Headmistress.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Original titleHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
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